Social media automation
for thriving organizations

Boost your content reach organically with engagement automation in your team.

What's inside?

Leverage your organization network to boost your content's impact

Automated engagements

Grapeling will automatically engage with content published by users and companies on Grapeling subscriptions list.

Easy to use

Invite people to engage with your social media content by simply sharing a link.

Safe and secure

Unlike alternative tools Grapeling does not need access to your social media accounts. Everything takes place in a browser.

Built for organizations

We provide relevant analytics to profile managers and optimize engagements for maximum effect.

How does it work?

A tiny customizable browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

Browser extension preview

Opt-in to approve actions

Although we recommend using Grapeling autopilot mode, we allow the users to select whether they want to approve engagements new content from subscribed profiles.

Runs silently, so that you can focus on your work

We designed Grapeling to be a lightweight, tiny tool that does not disturb you with unnecessary notifications.

Ad-free & Customizable

We will never show ads in our extension. Neither in free nor the paid version. Ask us about whitelabel version.


Individual use
  • Subscribe to 50 profiles
  • Auto engagement mode
  • View history
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For organizations
  • Subscribe up to 150 profiles
  • Auto and manual engagement mode
  • Generate invitations
  • Organization management
  • Engagement analytics
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Contact us

If you have trouble using our tool, or any other questions, send us an email to